csgo-slow-pointer-speed csgo跳转慢


csgo-slow-pointer-speed csgo跳转慢`csgo-slow-pointer-speed` is a popular CS:GO aimbot or aimtrainer add-on that allows users to slow down the pointer speed to their mouse. This can be useful for testing and improving the sensitivity of your mouse.To use `csgo-slow-pointer-speed`, follow these steps:1. Install the add-on.
2. Open the game and navigate to the `Settings` panel.
3. In the `Add-ons` section, select `csgo-slow-pointer-speed`.
4. Adjust the sensitivity settings as desired.
5. Close and re-open the game to see the effects of the settings change.Note: `csgo-slow-pointer-speed` is not official and may not work for all users. Additionally, using aimbots or aimtrainers in professional CS:GO tournaments is against the rules and can result in penalties. Use this tool at your own risk.



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