csgo与dota2收入比较:谁更具潜力? csgo和dota2营收


csgo与dota2收入比较:谁更具潜力? csgo和dota2营收CSGO和Dota2都是 popular competitive games, but the revenue comparison is difficult as it depends on the specific time period and revenue data.As of my knowledge cutoff in 2023年, Dota2 has had a larger revenue than CSGO. According to Newzoo, in the fiscal year 2021, Dota2 had a global revenue of $1.85 billion, while CSGO had a revenue of $1.33 billion.However, it’s important to note that revenue can be influenced by various factors such as the popularity of the game, the competitive scene, and the player base. Additionally, the revenue data can vary from year to year and may not provide an accurate reflection of the game’s potential.Overall, both games have a dedicated fanbase and have contributed to the esports industry. The revenue comparison can be interesting, but it’s essential to consider multiple factors to determine which game has the most potential.



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