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csgo shroud图片“Shroud” is a popular CS:GO skin, designed for the “Fade” texture. It is a transparent image that covers the entire lower half of the map, hiding the default text and graphics.To use “Shroud” skin in CS:GO, you will first need to have the “Fade” texture selected in the config. Open your CS:GO skin folder (usually located in your user directory under “res/addons/”) and create a new texture called “Shroud.dll”. Then, save this file in the “res/addons/fade” folder inside your skin folder.Once you have done this, you should be able to use “Shroud” in game by selecting it in the config. Note that this skin may give you a slight advantage in terms of visibility, but it is not as transparent as some other CS:GO skins and may be detectable by some team members.



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